About Us

The Yellow House was founded in 1986 by George Mc Kane, registered as Charity and named after Vincent Van Gogh’s house in Arles. Van Gogh believed in the dignity of work and workers and saw the artist as a co -worker. His Yellow House was always open so that people could see art as something that concerned them, and that artists lived and worked in the community.

This has been the inspiration for The Yellow House encouraging those young people previously denied access to the arts due to class, gender, race, ability or most importantly finance the opportunity to participate in all aspects of the arts at the hghest level. The work of The Yellow House has over the years been respected for it’s innovation, quality, style and vision. All activities at Yellow House are offered to the young people free of any financial costs but requiring only committment and passion.

The Yellow House is run by George and Gosia Mc Kane, supported by a willing and active Management Committee and financially supported over the years by (mainly) Trusts such as Lankelly, J. Paul Getty Jnr., Comic Relief, Barings and others.

“The entire initiative has been working class from start to finish. No ‘names’, no mile-wide grinning celebrities. no corporate sponsors.
Nothing but working class passion and commitment from two very determined working-class people alongside their working class students, who shared in and built the dream.”
– Organise – magazine


Development is a most important word in Yellow House. Development of the young people, their skills, knowledge, experience, character, strength, social skills, courage, honesty and the development of our work, our theatre, our art.

We are continually developing, experimenting, we do not repeat work, creating,working, willing to fail and try again, new work, new ideas, a constant search for the truth in work, for honesty and openess, a willingness to expose ourselves and in exposing to show others who we are and where we would like to go.

We are a team, a theatre group, together, not on our own, friends, workers, supporters and believers in each other. We believe in the individual, the person as part of a team, people as part of new technology, as artists, but always as people willing to look at the world with our eyes wide open and not to be afraid to deal with what we see. We run workshops for and with young people, for those working with and wishing to work with young people, in theatre, social issues, digital technology and in living.

“I began this study with the link between emotional and behavioral difficulties, low self-esteem and the ability to learn. The study has shown that behaviour and self-esteem, via an improvement in self system and integral dialogue, can be improved using the techniques of Yellow House.” – John Pearce – teacher at Meadowbank Special Needs School


The Yellow House is open to all young people irrespective of class, gender, race, ability, talent, geography, or financial status. It offers the highest quality work and experiences in all aspects of the arts.
The Yellow House is an International Cultural Centre for young people. The young people normally connect with Yellow House through one of the group’s workshops or performances and then become a part of the “core group”, active participants in all that Yellow House have to offer – no waiting lists or auditions, but a group of dedicated young people searching for a new way to perform, a new theatre, a new art.

The young people have worked and performed thoughout the UK and Europe creating new work with new young partners throughout the world.

“Yellow House was chosen as a copybook way of helping young people who were trying to help themselves. We believe in empowering people to live their lives in the way they want. This group involves young people but their parents often get involved too. They do some wonderful work.” – Comic Relief spokeswoman – The Guardian


The Yellow House uses the arts as a mechanism for the development and growth of the young people, encouraging them to engage more in society and to view their environment with a more positive, challenging and tolerant eye.

Primarily we are a theatre based organisation, devising our own performances through workshops, creating new and innovative work, not normally performed in standard theatre spaces, aimed at creating new audiences in new places.

As well as using multi – mediums in our performances, Yellow House also develop and create digital films, public art and sculpture and visual arts.

“Young people came up with the idea of exploring the relationships between sound, smell, movement and colour. They did this using a range of media techniques including film projected onto a variety of subjects, dance, theatre and musical collaboration.” – John Langenheim – Communities in Action


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